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…fantastischer Panoramablick… sehr freundlich und hilfsbereit, viele Infos und Wanderkarten. Besondere Empfehlung!

Reise Know-How (Ecuador Edition, 2005)

…wonderful views… friendly and helpful. Highly recommended.

Footprint (Ecuador Edition, 2005)

…über dem Tal ganz herrlich gelegen, Subtropischer Garten, der sauberste Swimmingpool von Vilcabamba, …ausgezeichnetes Panorama-Restaurant. Sehr viel Erholung für sehr wenig Geld, der Vilcabamba-Hit schlechthin, mein Tipp!

Michael Müller Verlag – Ecuador (Volker Feser, 2005)

…numerous readers have recommended Izhcayluma for its good value, the friedliness of its young German owners, its excellent restaurant (with sweeping views over the valley) and its comfortable cabañas…

Lonley Planet (Ecuador Edition, 2003)

Un endroit très agréable pour se reposer quelques jours. …vue spectaculaire. Piscine intégrée dans le paysage, jardin magnifique… C’est-y pas beau, tout ça?

Le guide de routard (2005)

In their spot-on words “the luxury of a resort priced for backpackers”. It’s an affordable spa hotel that doesn’t cut corners on style or quality – and the views are incredible. It’s one of our favourite places we’ve stayed.



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John Kavanagh, Dublin, Ireland

Truly a paradise at a budget price!

Having traveled extensively throughout South America over the past 25 years I have always dreamt of finding my own “El Dorado” al a place where I could relax and find time to smell the flowers. Here in the beautiful valley of Vilcabamba the Hostería Izhcayluma has turned that dream into a reality and a brief glance at their guest book will confirm the obvious. Some of their comments are reprinted here but their honest descriptions, like my own, fail to convey the full picture. Spectacular views, excellent food and accommodation in a setting of a wondrous water garden of flowers and exotic birds are just some of the parts of Izhcayluma.

Truly a paradise at a budget price!

John Kavanagh, Dublin, Ireland

Darren McElroy, California, US

this place is a little piece of paradise,

Man, this place is a little piece of paradise, and I wasn’t even going to come here. Every day I tell myself that I’ll leave tomorrow. But tomorrow never seemed to come…until now. I’m prying myself from here tomorrow after one epic stay. If the wind happens to blow you here, in my opinion you are one lucky young lad or lass.

Cheers & Bien Viaje to all who follow.

All the best and hope to see you again.

Andy, England

In seven months of traveling it’s easily the best place I’ve stayed.

This place represents fantastic value, even by Ecuadorian standards.

Delicious food; served in the open air restaurant which has lovely views of the valley below. The owners and staff are as friendly as you like. It’s almost impossible to drag yourself away from the giant outdoor chess board, hammocks and refreshing swimming pool.

The rooms are well furnished, very clean and classically simple.

In seven months of traveling it’s easily the best place I’ve stayed.

Joanna, England

with the full body massage I just slipped & have passed my last days here in a state of total relaxation

Normally when I wake up, I can only growl until midday when hopefully real conversation sets in. Here, my legs move my sleeping body to a hammock & I listen to the dawn opera of birds, dogs, cockerels & donkeys down in the valley &, miracle of miracles I wake up gently rocking with a contented smile on my face. When I arrived I immediately felt on holiday in the real true sense of the word – everything perfect & beautiful & everyone so friendly. I started, still in tourist mode, with treks up mountains & use of free bikes to the river but with the full body massage I just slipped & have passed my last days here in a state of total relaxation – swaying in hammocks & dipping in the beautiful pool. I only awaken in the evenings to experience another variation of Pisco Sours – six so far but the best is always in the early hours. It’s been great, I’ve tried to leave for the past couple of days & maybe I’ll make it tomorrow.

Thank you so much.

I’ll be recommending Izhcayluma from here to Chile!

Rita and Patrick, Belgium

I love this place…

I stayed here for 12 days. I drank for 12 “people” days. I love this place and am leaving because I have to. Otherwise I wouldn’t. Stay here. Love it. I did. Steve, Northampton, England. We stayed here for 6 nights and had time to walk around and compare. This is definitely the best choice. The people are very friendly and the food is really excellent and you get more than you can eat. Not to speak about the fantastic view from here. This more than compensates the 2 km distance from the village.

We will be back!!

Anne & Nick, Ireland

There’s nothing to say other than it was absolutely brill !!

There’s nothing to say other than it was absolutely brill!! We planned to stay 2 nights and ended up staying 5. The food was the best we’ve had in South America, so good that we’re even taking Pizza with us !! It’s a shame we can’t take the bed too.

The staff have been so helpful and friendly we are sad to leave.

Thanks for a great time, we’ll be back if we can.

Cheers and love,

Anne & Nick, Ireland


each visit is fantastic and incredibly relaxing

I come back here every three months, as I live in Peru and have to renew my visa. I wouldn’t choose to stay anywhere else as you (the management and staff of Izhcayluma) never have let me down – each visit is fantastic and incredibly relaxing.

This time it was my birthday and the kitchen baked me a cake and all restaurant guest sang for me, totally unexpected and so sweet.

I will be back for sure.

Thanks, Emily

Andrew, New Zealand

Izhcayluma is a brilliant hostel.

This is the first time during our trip where I have felt that I could stay much longer- that I have not stayed long enough.

Not only because Vilcabamba is a wonderful village, but also because Izhcayluma is a brilliant hostel.

Thank you to Hubert, Peter and everyone else who has been so welcoming and helpful, which is literally everyone. I don’t normally gush either!

Andrew, New Zealand

Graerie and Jodie, Edinburgh, Scotland

We love it here, was going to stay 1 night, then it was 3, then it was 4…

We love it here, was going to stay 1 night, then it was 3, then it was 4…the flyer was right, it’s very hard to leave. We loved the food! The best in 2 1/2 months! The DVD’s are great and the rooms are the best yet. The guys have done a great job! Also it is great for ALL ages!

The bar is great fun at night and very cleverly situated so you can sleep if you want an early night.

We could not recommend this place enough! We love it here.

Graerie and Jodie, Edinburgh, Scotland

Elliot and Genna, England

Izhcayluma is “home from home”

We would say Izhcayluma is “home from home”, but it’s actually better than our home! We hesitated to come this far south, but now this is the highlight of our trip (haven’t been to Galapagos yet). The huge food portions are a winner, but to eat in one of the best locations in the world is unforgettable.

Peter and Dieter, thanks for sharing your slice of Paradise. Emile, we love the food but we’ll need convincing on the music! And not forgetting Hubert “as” the receptionist: helpful, cheerful and with the most mischievous laugh we’ve ever heard!

Thanks also to everyone else- you make a great team.

Josh and Danielle, Toronto, Canada

Best place we’ve stayed in since being in South America.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! We couldn’t have asked for a more accommodating, friendly and caring staff. I was very sick for several days, and the staff went out of the way to make me special tea and check up on me. Of course, the location is beautiful and the facilities are top notch, but the staff made all the difference. We even got a take away breakfast when we checked out super early. Food in the restaurant was fantastic- huge portions, great variety.

We love it here and hope to be lucky enough to come back again. Also, the dogs are good company, and the cabaña we stayed in was lovely, private and peaceful.

Best place we’ve stayed in since being in South America. It’s been a pleasure!!

Sincere thanks,

Josh and Danielle, Toronto, Canada

Tini y Andreas

Unglaublich, unvergesslich, einzigartig, wunderschön, erholsam, relaxed, grossartig…

Time to say goodbye.. Somos un poco grande triste.
Unglaublich, unvergesslich, einzigartig, wunderschön, erholsam, relaxed, grossartig und man wünscht sich schon wieder zu kommen bevor man diese freundliche Hotel (sich in der Fremde zu Hause fühlen) überhaupt verlassen musste.

Danke allen, die mit viel Herzblut diese Oase so bunt gestalten. Die Küche hat unsere “enteuropäisierten” Mägen stets aufs Neue verwöhnt.

Hasta luego, das CH-Pärchen Tini y Andreas

Manelle & Jonny, Israel

there are not many places like this in the world

Izhcayluma was a highlight of our vacation. It was difficult leaving this little tranquil oasis with its beautiful views & friendly staff.

Izhcayluma was a wonderful hostel & we loved every moment we spent here. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED- do not be in a rush to leave, there are not many places like this in the world.

Manelle & Jonny, Israel

Ferry & Hanneke, Utrecht, Holland

And still I fell that I shouldn’t leave, but should stay.

We have been traveling for the last 15 months and everywhere I have seen visitor’s books with all the best etc. I never felt the need to write in one of them, but this place, as well as Dieter and Peter more than deserve it. Like everybody here I guess we thought about staying only a little while, which turned out to be a week in the end. And still I fell that I shouldn’t leave, but should stay.

“Just another day …. Only one !!”

Christopher Many, Scotland

…2 days became 5 weeks.

…2 days became 5 weeks. But sometimes a holiday from a holiday is just the right thing… and for that, there is nowhere better than Izhcayluma. It is time to move on now… but it feels like I’m leaving family behind…

See you again in 2012!

Christopher Many, Scotland

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